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Elvis & Kresse - Fire & Hide Wallet


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Using a water sourced heat pump, Elvis & Kresse will be able to capture heat from the water as it flows through our site, Tonge Mill. The system will generate up to 80,000 kWh of heat each year, enough for all our heat and hot water needs. Elvis & Kresse uses less than this, so mathematically we will be covering all of our kWh. In order to raise the funds for this system, Elvis & Kresse has launched a limited edition hybrid range. 

Fire & Hide Wallet - a stunning combination of vintage fire hose and reclaimed leather.
Elvis & Kresse have been rescuing British Fire hoses since 2005, transforming them into a pioneering range of bags, belts and wallets. Keen to save more materials, we initiated a leather reclamation project, working with a cross section of the very best British leathercraft manufacturers. Our leather partners cherish their hides, the waste they produce is in small seemingly unusable pieces, which is why we developed a modular approach. We created three shapes that interlock to create whole new hides. We only work with the off-cuts produced by our leather partners so every piece we create is unique.
Our first purse combines our signature fire hose and reclaimed Vitsoe leather in 5 colours. Vitsoe makes furniture that allows you to live better, with less, that lasts longer. It is designed by Dieter Rams and made in Britain. 

Lined with reclaimed military grade parachute silk the billfold has sections for 8 credit cards, 4 additional pockets for business cards, and a divided section for notes and foreign currency.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 10 x 1.5cm