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About Us

Unplugged is a small team that thinks about climate change a lot. Our founders, James Henrit and Kresse Wesling, are the team behind Elvis & Kresse; Elvis & Kresse was born in 2005 when the pair decided to rescue London's decommissioned fire hoses. Each year, 10 tonnes of heroic fire hoses were going to landfill. But not any more.
Elvis & Kresse with Unplugged Earth Sign
We like to solve problems. And climate change is a big one. But we aren't going to be able to fix it unless we start somewhere. Elvis & Kresse came up with the idea in order to unplug their business, but have developed a platform so that other businesses can unplug too.
If you are a business that wants to partner with your customers to Unplug - then get in touch, we hope that Unplugged can work for you.
If you are a customer that wants your favourite brands to Unplug - then please, tell them about us, let them know that we can do this.
We have to start somewhere.
And we are not alone. Here are some of our network partners, organisations supporting the Unplugged mission and roll-out:
2020: Scotland's Climate Group University of Cambridge
B Lab UK Scottish Environmental Protection Agency