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St. Andrews Launch

Occasionally you have an idea that sort of gets a bit ahead of itself, this is definitely the case with Unplugged. We came up with the idea for our own business, Elvis & Kresse, but when we started talking about it we discovered that we weren't alone. 

There is an unbelievable spirit, a strong desire to be self-sufficient; the Unplugged idea has tapped into that. Businesses like certainty too, they like to prepare for the future, and what better way to prepare for energy prices that we know will rise, than to generate it? 

I had an amazing chance to share the idea for Unplugged at an event in Scotland in 2015 and met some incredible people, business leaders keen to Unplug too... They are the reason that we are launching Unplugged, their support has been incredible. They are why I think we can all Unplug.

So - Elvis & Kresse are up for it, are you?


February, 2016






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